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We keep up to date in the areas of health, wellness, fitness and weight loss, so that you don't have to! We are university-educated wellness professionals. And when you want to know about a contemporary issue, we still go back to the research and ensure that we are familiar with the latest findings! Then we interpret the research and existing knowledge to make it easily understandable. So make us your number one source for health information. We do all the work, you gain all the benefits!


We are a consulting company based in Lexington, Kentucky. We specialize in nutrition and wellness information for weight loss, preventive health, and/or fitness. We are now educating the U.S. and the world through our Web site, to help people lose weight safely, stay or get in shape, and to address other health concerns of our clients. And we aim to make it fun! Good health should not be a grim business. Clients include people who need to lose weight and want to do so safely; people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and its complications, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, osteoporosis, etc.; and people who want to get into shape, to participate in competitive athletics and/or to lead a more active, more healthful and enjoyable lifestyle.

It is very important that if you are under treatment for specific medical conditions or taking prescribed medications, you also consult with your physician, to ensure that our advice is appropriate for your specific situation. Furthermore, if while losing weight you experience other physical changes (for example, dizziness, interruptions in the menstrual cycle, hair loss, etc.), these may indicate a more serious condition. If you notice such changes, please be sure to speak with your primary care physician immediately. Our goal is your safety!

Karle Konsultants complies with the Voluntary Guidelines for Providers of Weight Loss Products or Services supported by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

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Our holistic approach simply means that we integrate nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, environmental management, and any other health services or information you might need into one location. We work WITH physicians to develop optimal health programs for a variety of medical conditions. We strongly believe that if health professionals address nutrition or any other single aspect of a healthful lifestyle, but neglect the other aspects, they are doing their clients a disservice. No single variable results in optimal health, rather all aspects of our lifestyles working together.

Some healthcare workers use "holistic" to refer to a variety of other things, which may include Eastern religions, herbal remedies and/or homeopathic medicine, but these are not actually necessarily holistic in nature. We try to keep abreast of developments in these fields, but emphasize nutrition, activity and lifestyle plans that provide proven health benefits. If the proof isn't available yet, we will let you know what looks most likely to provide the biggest benefits.



If so, please e-mail us and let us know! Give us the reference(s). We will analyze some of those plans in our nutrition pages right on this Web site!


Ellen J. Karle, MSCN, founder of Karle Konsultants, is a Kentucky state-certified nutritionist with a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition degree from the University of Kentucky. Her studies have included graduate-level courses in clinical nutrition and nutritional sciences, biochemistry, physiology, nutritional immunology, immunobiology, virology (the study of viruses), wellness and sports nutrition, clinical psychology, psychopharmacology, environmental systems, and exercise physiology, for a total course of graduate study in wellness-related areas. She is also metabolically prone to overweight, but believes that biology is not destiny, works to stay in shape, and is as eager as all of you to find the best fitness-enhancing and weight loss plans -- those that also promote good health.

Unless otherwise stated, all Karle Konsultants Web page content is written by Ms. Karle. Content written by other Karle Konsultants providers will be supervised by Ms. Karle. All Karle Konsultants providers of health information will have at least a master's degree or equivalent in their area(s) of specialization.


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If you live in Kentucky, we have an actual office in The Ashland Building, 620 Euclid Avenue #100, Lexington, KY, 40502. We are happy to receive snail mail at this address. We provide a variety of on-site nutrition and wellness consulting for individuals, groups and/or businesses. We have a particular interest in working with overweight people with health problems who want to be especially careful to avoid the adverse health consequences of fads and pills. The more overweight you are, the more important this careful treatment is. Please feel free to call us at (859) 269-1500. Leave a message, and we will call you back at your convenience (as long as you let us know in your message when "your convenience" is!). And/or we can be reached via e-mail at karlekonsultants@cs.com.



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A recent marketing survey (conducted by Karle Konsultants' Research Department) asked the question, "What is your Number One health concern?" Two thirds of respondents spontaneously stated, "Affordable access to reliable healthcare information". Our goal for this Web site is to provide that access. We are a private company, but highly responsive to our clients! So please consider marking this page as one of your "favorites," return often and interact with us plenty! If you send us a question of general interest, we may publish your question and our response on our "Q & A" pages, but only after we ask for and receive your permission. We thank you for your interest.

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