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As we mentioned previously, we need this site to make money so that we can continue to provide affordable access to reliable healthcare information, without becoming poverty-stricken ourselves!

One way to do this is for our visitors to check out our online store, buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs & other items, and help us spread the Karle Konsultants message far and wide!
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Another way to do this is for our visitors to click on links. When you buy from our business affiliates, they pay us a percentage! However, we have reasons for choosing the business partners we do other than just that they pay us. We have been customers or colleagues of all of the below, have checked their Web sites thoroughly, and have been very happy with their customer service.

Where possible, please visit these sites through us, and help keep this site FREE! And let us know of your experiences; if people have more bad experiences than good, we will remove any offending links. On the other hand, if you have a great Web experience with another site, maybe we can add them! Or if you want information about something not listed here, let us know, we will check out the available Web sites and add the ones who pass our scrutiny!

Links to nonprofit organizations and charities, of course, do not pay us, but we thought you might be interested in them anyway.

This page will change from time to time as we affiliate new Web sites. Furthermore, link designs and contact addresses change, sometimes without notice to us. Please bear with us. If something isn't working, please let us know.


We want to thank our affiliates who have helped us build our Internet and actual office presence. Their links are below:
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In our Nutrition section, we mentioned that food can be your friend. There is a good Web site that discusses the merits of lots of foods. They overstate the case a bit, but are generally reasonably accurate, much more so than many Web sites, and they're fun. Of course medical conditions should always be treated in partnership with your doctor, but you may find some useful advice here that can be complementary to medical treatment:
Click here for "Medical Meals"

Want to eat lighter, but need recipes? We like Cooking Light. We've been able to modify freely with delicious results:

For more variety of grains than you may have ever seen before, some whole grains, including rice, and a huge variety of beans, check out this site:
The ultimate in gourmet rice, grains and beans!

Are you ready to eat more seafood? Do you want the freshest possible seafood? Check out this site:
In the ocean today, on your plate tomorrow. Eat lobster!

Many cuisines around the world emphasize more vegetables and less meat than American cuisine, and thus promote good health. If you want to explore other cuisines, check out this site:
Real Ethnic...Real Easy.

Tea, especially green tea, has been shown to have many potential health benefits. Research in our labs at University of Kentucky showed that this is due to substances in green tea that act to inhibit certain inflammatory enzymes, as well as anti-oxidant action. If you'd like to try some different green teas, check out our Links. All have at least a few unique green tea products:
Adagio Teas


When just starting out, you may want to buy some exercise equipment. Equipment, gear and places we like are here:

Half.com has great prices on some sporting goods and books (such as cookbooks), AND occasionally offers a chance at prizes! Check it out here:
Half.com: buy/sell used books, movies, music,games

If you have limited mobility, you can still consider physical activities as part of your lifestyle. For sporting equipment for those in wheelchairs, click below:
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For equipment for people with arthritis or other mobility needs, click below (NOTE: Please do NOT try magnets for arthritis unless prescribed by your doctor!):

Are you ready to reward yourself for your more healthful lifestyle by taking an active vacation? Check the active/adventure section of Travelocity:
Airline tickets, hotel and car rental reservations

If you like to garden, the best ways to do so are organic and pesticide-free. Supplies and advice are available on-line:
Click here for organic gardening information and supplies
Click here for information and more organic links
Or click here for organic gardening supplies:
Planet Natural: Good Stuff for Your World

Here are a few examples of local volunteer activities available to you that can help you become more active. These are Kentucky chapters, but have links back to the national organizations:
Click here for Humane Society fund-raisers!
Click here for American Lung Association fund-raisers!


Check here for ordering scents:


Check here for environmentally friendly products:
Healthy Environments

As we stated on the previous page, if you smoke and you want to live a long and healthy life, it is very important that you keep trying to quit. It's so important that we are repeating that advice here. Nothing else that we can do for you will matter as much as whether or not you smoke. It usually takes several quitting tries before a smoker succeeds, so as long as you don't give up, you WILL succeed! For nicotine replacement products and programs to help support your commitment to quitting, please click either or both of these links:
NicoDerm CQ - Stop Smoking Aid
Nicorette - Stop Smoking Aid

If you have any questions about anything that you see at any of the sites listed here, please contact us. We are not responsible for their content, but will investigate thoroughly to ensure they still merit our endorsement!

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